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Long ago, twenty years and more, Mauri and I recorded these two albums. Since we both love to sing and he is made out of music, it seemed only natural to share it around. We had no plans to get rich or become famous, only hoped to sell enough to cover the copyright fees and production costs.

Earlier today a friend told me she plays our recordings in her car when she’s taking her grandkids here and there. The kids call out their requests by the number, she says. Another friend had it playing when she started her car to give me a lift somewhere. Now and then I’ll hear from folks that they still like to play our CDs or that a certain song has particular meaning to them.

I’m sure you understand how good it feels when something you wrote, a photo you took, a quilt you made—anything you created from your heart and with your gifts—offers someone else hope or assurance or comfort.

But times have changed, and CDs are passé. We’ve already thrown out all the records (remember those?) that Mauri and Margaret-Rose made; we’ve tossed all the tapes (remember those?) we had made of these albums. Now it’s time to bid farewell to our supply of CDs.

We’ve paid the owners of all the non-Mauri-original songs for the rights to share the remaining 51 CD copies of “The Tapestry” and 102 CD copies of “Everybody Has a Song.” If you want one or both CDs, send an e-mail to along with your mailing address, and I’ll send it or them (at our expense). If you want the MP3s of the songs, send an e-mail to and I’ll send you an invitation to a dropbox folder. If you choose the latter, I will destroy the CD to keep faithful with our copyright purchase. When April 2017 comes around, I want to report an inventory of 0 and call it good.

Here are a couple Mauri Macy original or public domain songs that we’re free to share without copyright concern:

“I’m Gonna Love You” by Mauri Macy

“I Stand Amazed” by Mauri Macy

“Good Speak” by Mauri Macy

“We’ll Soon Be Done” public domain

Thanks for helping us out.

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