love/hate facebook

I’m not here to promote Facebook. It does that all on its own. It isn’t for everyone, that’s for sure. Sometimes it’s not for me, and for those spells I self-limit visits to my wall. Election season drags me down, so I’ve grown used to scrolling scrolling scrolling past all the links and pictures of Hillary and Donald. Who cares anymore?

That’s the hate part of Facebook.

The love part far outweighs the hate part. Here’s what I would have missed yesterday without it.

my beautiful Ben 2016

One of Ben’s friends shared this picture of him at a party.


Redemption Gateway’s page posted this gem of Dusty (and Quinn in the background; I can read her name tag) at the Anderson family’s weekly service with the “Walkers” class at their church. Oh my heart!


It was Beth’s birthday, and one of her friends had just discovered this picture of her on a joy ride.


My cousin’s granddaughter on her first day of preschool.




This series of Declan learning to feed himself allowed me to believe I was in the room with him.


Linsey shares great pictures of her boys, this one of Lincoln teething on a pepper. Silly boy.


And this! On Redemption Gateway’s youth page.

Yes, I love Facebook, despite its shortcomings.

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