persian hospitality

I hope to learn a lot more about our pastor’s wife, Melody. She’s one of the first women I met when I/we started attending Hillside Fellowship last October or so and that’s because she leads our Saturday morning Bible study.

We’re studying the book of Esther, so a few weeks back she brought with her what looked to us like a feast that illustrated Persian hospitality. Her family originated in Iran, so many family traditions have been passed down.


She said her mom, who was visiting from California, saw how “little” she planned to provide for our group and was appalled.


I took a bunch of pictures of Melody as she described each delicacy on the platter (you can see there was another whole platter of fresh fruit). This was the only pic I got that doesn’t blur her fast-moving hands.

The story of Esther includes many feasts, so we have been fully indoctrinated in the times and setting of that book, though there was no wine drinking in our feast.

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  1. Ridgely says:

    I am so jealous! I am an ethnic foodie for sure and LOVE trying foods from other countries. I hope Jessi didn’t miss this, it might have been the weekend she was on her staff retreat!

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