first day

Quiz: What do all these people have in common?

2016-08-03 07.13.08

2016-08-10 20.08.03

2016-09-06 08.45.04


I guess that wasn’t much of a quiz with such a big hint in the title. All starting a new year in school——Bailey is now a sophomore at Dordt College in Iowa; Marissa, a senior at Gilbert Christian High; Cassidy, 7th grade at Gilbert Christian; Oscar, 2nd grade at Mabel Rush; Sage, kindergarten in the dual-language program at Edwards!


Brynn’s first day at Miescuelita Preschool.

Will's first day at Red Bucket Christian Preschool

Will’s first day at Red Bucket Christian Preschool.


Little did my dear children know I’d be sharing their first-day-of-school picture all these years later on the worldwide web. Who could have predicted such a possibility would ever be offered me!

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