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first words

We spoke our first words this morning in the comfort of our living room. “It happened right here,” I said to Mauri. He knew what I meant, of course. “Yes, it was just about the same time I came out here … Continue reading

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punch brothers

We local Macys and one Williams had an adventure last night. It was a month-early celebration for Mauri’s 70th birthday. Sometimes you need to name a celebration to rationalize spending more than you would normally spend to do something you really, really want … Continue reading

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two vacationing bloggers

Two bloggers I regularly follow posted vacation stories this week that caught my eye. One is a Portland resident who, with her husband and daughter, traveled by train to Chicago. I would love to do that some day, but that … Continue reading

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and so we wait

Mauri and I have stayed put this summer rather than finding adventure away from home. That’s mostly because we’ve had projects involving our house or we were w.a.i.t.i.n.g for them to get started. Once all our stuff was put back in place … Continue reading

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