brass players


This morning I got to listen to these brothers express their appreciation for parents who made it a priority to provide them with quality instruments. Each one still plays and enjoys the trombone (Mauri) and cornet (Howard) their folks bought them lo those many years ago.

All these many years later the brothers M still play together along with three other brass players who make up “Newberg Brass.” They rehearse every Tuesday evening and get to play on a semi-regular basis. Their next gig happens next Tuesday night at Bauman Auditorium for the evening session of Northwest Yearly Meeting.

But my real purpose here is to show you what I came across at a nearby thrift store. It appears to be an original watercolor. $3. Sold!

2016-07-19 12.26.23

Mauri notices “it’s not on the mark racially, but our physicalities are well represented.”

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1 Response to brass players

  1. Emily Wynsma says:

    Newberg Brass playing at Chapters for December First Friday is one of my very very very favorite Christmas traditions.

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