hodgepodge 100.6

Did you have a good week too? I hope it at least had some highlights. Here are a few from mine.

Her grandkids will be hearing about this some day.


What a great way to start the day!


If you want to see something that makes me unreasonably happy, click here.


Here’s a short article about our outgoing President and his wife from their younger days. Interesting!


In under five minutes you can watch how the Tesla is made. Who could say no to that?



2016-05-20 17.08.45

This is what we affectionately call “the coliseum,” built in our backyard several years ago and was never given the chance to reach its full potential. We’re on the verge of another backyard overhaul, and this needs to go away. Anyone local can call or e-mail me if interested in giving it a new purpose in life (planter, fire pit, compost…). It could be a win/win!


Here’s some family fun from the week.

sitting up

Taylor and Declan, learning to sit up. Declan looks like his mama, but the smile sure matches his daddy. And those feet, maybe the feet.

2016-05-18 06.03.41

Pete and Lins spent the week on Maui. Poor dears. And while they were there they connected with our friends Larry and Paula, also vacationing. That’s Lincoln; Will was sleeping in the stroller.

2016-05-18 06.03.54

Here’s Will, scoping out the spot he and his dad snorkled a day earlier.


They’re home now but for reason think they’re going to miss this place.


Marissa, finishing her junior year of high school. (Big Breath)


A Pinwheel of Puppies!


My calendar was full of reminders on May 19: Both my first and my second mother died on that day (1988 and 1994) and my fourth mother was born on that day (1919).


Mt Hood Sally Mehler

Sally Mehler snapped this pic as she flew* past Mount Hood this week. (*She was in an airplane. Just making that clear.)


2016-05-15 06.15.03

This one’s for Mauri, but you’re welcome to enjoy it too.


2016-05-17 14.04.20

So this one might be for Mauri too.


. . . in my next life . . .


2016-05-14 06.32.19

Tov Rose reports: “The horrible truth behind marshmallow ranches. When they are fat from grazing all summer, they will be slaughtered to make smaller ones, bagged, and sold in stores. Some are cut up and held over a fire while still alive!” Something needs to be done about this.


Lots of miscellany:

2016-05-17 15.23.12


2016-05-18 18.37.42


2016-05-18 06.03.27

2016-05-14 09.52.11

Have a great week!

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  1. Nita says:

    I’m quite curious about the footwear.

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