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It’s been a busy blogging week, and you might be tired of seeing posts from me. One way or the other, here I am again with some more hodgepodge entertainment to share.

If you love babies as much as I love babies, you’ll find these 365 seconds awesome. (otherwise skip this one)



This was not attributed, but I’ve watched the movie Spanglish enough times that I’d put money on this quote coming from that source. I am my mother’s daughter too, and without even trying, I’ve rubbed off on the daughter I raised. It’s a fascinating study, I’m sure.

You know another Mothers Day has passed, and I’ll admit my favorite part of the day is scrolling my Facebook wall and seeing all the “mom” pictures. Here are a few that stood out.


My cousin Aneta with her daughter Carrie and Carrie’s daughters Landry and brand new Whitney.


Cammie, wife of Hillside’s pastor and mom to four littles whose dad gifted her with this bike. She looks happy.


Our Erin with her mama, Joy, and girls Sage and Brynn. They have a Mothers Day tradition of making hanging flower baskets together.


I love this so much! She’s Barbara/Lon/Bob/David’s mother. I even love the corner crease. That’s how much I love this.


Cousin Hannah (once removed) and Mike doubled their kid count this year.


This one goes back a few years. Dave and Millie are dear friends from my Michigan days.


Friendship with Norma goes back even further. Her kids were just little squirts when I hung around their house. Norma’s husband, Wendy, worked at Youth for Christ in the days Mauri and I traveled together on one of his Teen Teams.


OK, one more. Quinn shared this pic of her two mothers. Randee is off her feet these days, recovering from a second surgical repair of a broken femur. Bless her heart.


How ’bout another video. Friend Donna suggested I share it this week. If you want to order one, check out his etsy page.



Gregg (my boss) and Elaine attended their first (of three) daughter’s graduation from Azusa Pacific. With justified pride, Gregg wrote this caption on the Facebook photo: “Very proud of what this day represented. Graduated summa cum laude, exceptional running career, two study abroad experiences…but most of all, amazing growth in character.” I’m proud of her too.

Koskelas at reception

Here’s how she looked when I first met her at our Oregon wedding reception. She was days old.


And there’s this. You know I can’t resist sharing a good series. Exactly 17 years (to the day) separate the two shots.


I promised to not overdo the animal videos. But this one. I think they rehearsed it, don’t you?


2016-05-12 06.41.35

Even if you aren’t so fond of birds, this series of award winners might take your breath away. God loves variety.


2016-05-09 06.53.24

I’ve mentioned before that I know two Colin Saxtons. Even though they’re from two distinct sections of my timeline, they’ve met each other. It’s a small world! Well, the Michigan Colin Saxton shared this photo on Facebook. Isn’t it wonderful? The calf arrived on Mother’s Day. Colin wrote: “It is not often that we get a totally red face. She looks like her dad.”


I’m about out. Maybe this will distract you from the disappointment. The time and brain energy required for such a project blows me away. But all I have to do is watch it.



2016-05-13 06.12.06

2016-05-13 06.15.41

2016-05-13 07.11.52

2016-05-13 06.12.55

Have a great week!

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