Mauri and I updated our iPhones recently. I rarely talk to Siri, preferring Google. But in setting up our phones I followed the direction to speak “Hey, Siri” into my phone a couple times so “she” would learn my voice and know when I wanted “her” help.

I was surprised to learn that even when my phone is dark, Siri will respond to my voice command: “Hey, Siri.” Across the breakfast table, Mauri and I experimented: I’d call for Siri and she would come to attention. Mauri called for her, she stayed quiet.

How do explain what just happened? My phone was nearby while I enjoyed one of Saturday’s highlights, reading through Ann Voskamp’s Only the Good Stuff: Multivitamins for Your Weekend [04.02.16]

I clicked on . . .

. . . because who doesn’t love Cookie Monster? Guess who responded to Cookie’s voice for “Hey, Siri.”

Not much of a stretch, is it?

PS: Siri couldn’t find “Waiting” in my play list though.

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