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hodgepodge 001.3

Welcome back! I’ve been encouraged by your feedback about Hodgepodge, which incentivizes* me to keep it up. Thanks. *Can you believe that’s a real word? Here I thought I was coining a new one, as though we need more words … Continue reading

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brother dk

The seven hours it took to drive to Winthrop, Washington, felt more like seven minutes. Mauri and I love a good road trip, and the changing topography along the route kept us well entertained. And then we were there! “There” is here, … Continue reading

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hodgepodge 001.2

A whole week has passed since Hodgepodge premiered. I know you’ve been waiting with bated breath for this week’s edition. What? You’ve already forgotten the cat standing on its hind legs for a full minute to see out the window? … Continue reading

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blowout revisited

I can’t say I want to “celebrate” the ten-year anniversary of our bike wreak, so I’ll simply notice it today. Maybe we can celebrate that life went on after it. Under only slightly different circumstances, we could both have died, which is … Continue reading

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“What’s that you’re listening to?” “Just something from my past that I like to sing with.” Listening: “Oh, that’s Exaltation”; the NFC choir sang that a long time ago. With a track! I just came across the reel-to-reel in the … Continue reading

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thirteen years

We have a big order of chicken from Zaycon soon so need to clear space in our freezers. That’s why on my lunch hour I pulled a pork loin for tonight’s dinner. It doesn’t take a magnifying glass to see … Continue reading

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hodgepodge premiere

Hodgepodge is my version of Ann Voskamp’s weekly “Only the Good Stuff: Multivitamins for Your Weekend.” I’ve read Multivitamins every week for a long time and always appreciate her discretionary choices. To build the same confidence between us, I will … Continue reading

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en español

Well, this was just so cool. It’s a news story about a house build in the colonias near Juarez. I sent the link to my niece Krista, who is part of our team every November, and she wrote back: “Did … Continue reading

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shop local

Let me start by saying this might not appear to be a very interesting post, just a bunch of pictures of the new store in town. So I’ll just come right out and encourage you to power through to the … Continue reading

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Mauri and I updated our iPhones recently. I rarely talk to Siri, preferring Google. But in setting up our phones I followed the direction to speak “Hey, Siri” into my phone a couple times so “she” would learn my voice … Continue reading

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