dan and sally

I flew to Dallas today, intentionally arriving quite a few hours before Quinn, Marissa, and Cassidy get here so I could enjoy a few precious hours with cousins Dan and Sally. Dan’s mother, Aunt Melba, and Paul’s mother, Florence, were sisters. Dan stood up with Paul in our wedding 50 years ago.


He’s third from the right.

Once again, Christmas card exchanging has kept us connected the past 21 years. I’ve watched their kids grow up through the pictures, watched Dan and Sally’s family grow with added grandkids.

Oddly enough, Dan and Sally don’t change. They’re the same youthful cousins I remember from a previous life. We told stories across the restaurant table; I showed them the photo book about Paul I made for my kids. We talked politics and church and grandkids and suddenly it was time to say goodbye.


A willing young man took our picture to help me remember the joy of family connections.

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