happy new year . . . again

On January 30 the Macy “kids” celebrated New Years . . . again. Their typically timed celebration had included the proclamation that year 2015 had included enough family moves and family loss to last a decade and that 2016 would bring peace and nothing major. On January 4, Grandma Edna broke her hip, and their 2016 proclamation tanked.

Grandma was 96, but we thought she could easily celebrate her 100th birthday in 2019. Life proved otherwise, and we’ve now celebrated her 96 years with friends and family with a service (Click HERE to hear a podcast of the 45-minute service) and a reception and a meal with all the cousins et al who came.


Don and Bonnie (on the Williams side)


Owen and Kathy (on the Lehman side)


Lucy and Darrell (on the Williams side)


Tom and Carolyn (on the Lehman side) with DK


Cousin Kathy (on the Williams side)


Granddaughter Laura Jane traveled all the way down from a remote location in British Columbia (and all the way back!). She stands between her parents Julene and Jim.

Sadly, I don’t have pics of everyone. Isn’t that the way of it?


But here’s John putting together a table of history that illustrates his grandma’s handiwork.


Another grandson (Derin) hangs a photo display.



Judy arranges Rice Krispie treats, prepared by two generations on the family tree.


Grandma was famous her RKTs.


Here’s the little cook loving on his baby brother.


Quite a few honored their grandma by wearing purple.


This dear one flew up from Arizona to lend her support through my final steps as a daughter. Not very many people have known all eight of my parents. Quinn has.

Happy new year!

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