one thing leads to another

Plumber Bob told us we needed a new kitchen faucet.

2015-11-10 07.57.04

Yep, we could see the time had come.

2015-11-10 07.58.31

So if we’re going to get a new faucet, we probably needed a new sink.

2015-11-10 07.59.33

And if we’re going to get a new sink, maybe it’s time to put in a new counter.

2015-11-16 09.35.08

The family cook said, “How ’bout a new manly stove?”

2015-10-19 16.00.42

Off we went to Precision Countertops. So many options!

2015-10-19 08.46.53

We settled on a quartz counter and a deep farm sink of granite composite the color of coffee (might as well start out with the color it will become anyway). Our choices would mean quite a bit of work for Plumber Bob, who could actually make sense of this jumbled mess.

2015-12-03 17.13.50

The tearout (demo) created a bit of confusion when it came time to make breakfast.

2015-12-03 12.04.54

Plumber Bob, with Justin, his partner in crime, knew what to put where for the install a day later.

2015-12-04 17.25.47

Ta-da! A snazzy new faucet, a new sink, new power disposal, new insta-hot to match the new faucet,

2015-12-04 17.26.16

a new counter with soft curvy edges,

2015-12-04 17.25.36

a new manly stove—nope, just new manly replacement parts. Turns out the new Jenn-airs aren’t any better than the one we added 21 years ago; they only cost more.

2015-12-04 17.25.27

All set for the next 21 years or until Plumber Bob sets off another snowball.

Merry Christmas to us! Makes shopping a lot easier for both of us when we plan a spendy home-improvement project so near the holidays.

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6 Responses to one thing leads to another

  1. Carol Bullis says:

    It’s beautiful Sherry. So is your writing.

  2. Ridgely says:

    Gorgeous, I’m so envious of your deep sink…would love to have one of those. Actually, I wish they would bring back those old one-piece sinks like they had in the 50’s. all porcelain, with the ridged draining side built in. Some things you just can’t improve upon! Happy cooking, Mauri!

  3. Aneta Hullinger says:

    Looks great ! I love the dark sink and with coffee lovers in the house that makes sense. What a great idea to be sure the cook enjoys cooking! Have a very Merry Christmas.

    • sherrymacy says:

      That would be coffee lover, singular. Throughout 27 years of marriage to a Swede, who brewed coffee through egg shells, and now 21 years of marriage to a man who roasts his own beans, I’ve never learned to drink the stuff. I will just live without that vice. =)

  4. Looks wonderful! Enjoy all the new pieces!

  5. Sandra Penrose says:

    Now tell me you still enjoy cooking so you will be using this beautiful redo. Looks lovely.
    Guest room in Bakersfield always available. Just a hint. Sandy Penrose

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