stage fright


Will was excited for the day of his preschool’s Christmas program to arrive, and when it did he wasn’t sure he wanted to go after all. I arrived early and got an aisle seat, saving the rest of the pew for his parents, brother, aunt, uncle, and cousins. “You’re going,” his mother told him kindly.


Here he comes! The mouth curl speaks a language all its own.


Oh dear, he spots his mama.


He knows all of the songs and motions but doesn’t sing a note.


Mama! rescue me!


What do you notice about this picture? I count eight phone cameras and one video camera. Yes, I thought the same thing about one mom in particular.

Teacher Miriam brilliantly solved the problem of having a church full of parents and grandparents with only five minutes worth of music to offer. After the preschoolers sang through their repertoire, they filed out then filed back in to sing their program again.

Did Will go back up for the second performance? What do you think?

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2 Responses to stage fright

  1. Ridgely says:

    Less is more! I’m thinkin’ nope!

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