in common

Here’s a little quiz.

2015-11-12 12.29.12_Snapseed

What do these five people have in common?

Yes, we’re all female, we all have hair (you might have to trust me on that one), we all look happy . . .

Give up? We are all Macys!

Before today, we didn’t know Samara Macy, who stands next to me, and that was actually the point of our little soiree at Chapters this morning. Samara is a freshman at George Fox, studying art. Her dad’s name is John; her grandfather’s name is John. Her great-grandfather was Perry Macy, who taught at George Fox when it was called Pacific College! We were all interested to learn that we are all descendants of the Thomas Macy clan from Nantucket!

Let me state that a different way. Three of us are not actually descendants. In this quintet, only Samara and Brynn carry the Macy bloodline.

You can never have too many Macys, though it might be possible to have too many John Macys.

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