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old / not-so-old friend

Dave Martinson has been part of my life for many, many years, though I can think of only two times I’ve stood next to him. Today makes three times. He’s been married to Sue more than thirty years, but I … Continue reading

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new arrival

Pete and Linsey had it all planned out. Yesterday they closed on their “new” house, today new carpet would be installed upstairs while the movers did the heavy lifting, tonight Linsey’s mom would arrive, tomorrow after church we’d all pitch … Continue reading

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so nice to meet you!

Declan flew to Virginia with his mama today and was introduced to his twin cousins, Regan and Riley. Anybody want to caption his response?

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gadget geek

You might not know this, but I married a gadget geek. OK, geek might not be the exact term, but it was a nice alliteration, and that should count for something. It was already dark when I got home from … Continue reading

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in common

Here’s a little quiz. What do these five people have in common? Yes, we’re all female, we all have hair (you might have to trust me on that one), we all look happy . . . Give up? We are … Continue reading

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dorothy’s match part two

Not everyone can or even should donate, though some have already generously given to this cause. Still, I would love for you to be aware of Dorothy’s Match and of Babies of Juarez and of the ongoing need. Also, here’s … Continue reading

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My family lived in this house in the late ’40s. It sat on the corner of Hale and Roosevelt Road (a thoroughfare) in Wheaton, IL. My older siblings and I looked like this just before we moved to a house … Continue reading

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Four years ago we had our backyard professionally landscaped, adding what we’ve come to affectionately call “the coliseum.” Didn’t it look purty? Yes, four years ago it did look nice. A little too nice, and we were glad when the … Continue reading

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taste of heaven

This morning in church I leaned toward my friend Lisa and said “I think I might be in heaven.” Oh, how I’ve missed this! Mauri and his long-time buddy Walt (playing bass guitar and the other half of Walt and … Continue reading

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treat or trick

It’s October 31 again and despite the pouring rain our doorbell rang. A couple of standouts from our doorstep visitors: Erin, John, Sage, Brynn Linsey, Pete, Will This local (Oscar) didn’t ring the bell but we can at least see … Continue reading

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