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When you get to the end of this story you might wonder why I started it with this picture. Oh well, it makes sense to me. Last Sunday Dusty texted me this photo of his family walking into church held … Continue reading

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don’t give me plants

You might remember, neither of my thumbs is green. My friend Lisa showed up at the office on Friday with a lovely and healthy potted plant for me and the words, “I know you don’t like when people give you … Continue reading

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It isn’t a legitimate matchup but it is a legitimate excuse to share a picture of dear Declan, who is already considerably plumper than in this picture. Interesting how this is a good thing for a baby and absolutely unmentionable … Continue reading

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english major

No matter how strong my resolve to not care about the use of the word I when instead I hear the word me, it still trips me up. At least I think-correct instead of say-correct when I hear a sentence … Continue reading

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eighty percent

Yesterday started my first week as an 80% full-time employee. That makes me sort of semi retired. A couple of months ago I asked my bosses if I could shorten my work week by a day and lengthen my weekends … Continue reading

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memorable day

Yesterday we spent the day together as a family celebrating Rachel’s birthday. It didn’t seem at all odd that we would do this. She would have loved it. We started out eating breakfast at a lovely restaurant in Dundee, the … Continue reading

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newberg brass

Not much story here, just this picture of my dear man and the other players who have been making music together for about 25 years. They used to be known as NFC Brass but after Mauri’s retirement shifted their association … Continue reading

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