This summer Quinn took her kids on a nostalgic return to Michigan, the land where she collected the most childhood memories and considers “home.” She showed them where she attended junior high, high school, and college. She drove them through Grace Youth Camp (now Grace Adventures), estimated the spot where she worked one summer on kitchen staff,


and stopped at Whippy Dip in Silver Lake for cones. She connected with as many high school friends who still live in the vicinity as she could and let her kids hear the stories of her youth. Brave! They attended Jamie’s wedding and spent time with brother/uncle Ben.

But wait! I skipped over one of best parts!

Cedar Point

A bucket-list entry, now fulfilled——Cedar Point! Quinn booked a room in a (a-hem) less than desirable motel to allow them first entry into the park (that’s how they got this picture sans the summer crowd). They had a blast, and the kids continued to talk about the rides for days and weeks.

While I don’t usually blog about other people’s vacations, there’s purpose here. It’s that 21 years ago Mauri and I got married——and took our kids on a honeymoon to Cedar Point. Quinn got to reminisce with her kids about her favorite rides (she’d been there many times with her buds), but when they walked toward this

Cedar Point-old-timey photographer

she could tell them about going on a honeymoon with Gus and Gum and posing for this masterpiece:

1994-Macy-Carlson family wedding photo at Cedar Point Sandusky OH copy

Surely that was worth the price of the admission!

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3 Responses to 21

  1. Carol Bullis says:

    Love your posts. The photo is a classic.

  2. Aneta Hullinger says:

    You make me smile. You really need to write a book.

  3. Basil Rathbone says:

    That dude sitting down with the cane and hat looks like he might be ornery.

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