rachel update

Many of you have already seen the link to Rachel’s Go Fund Me page on Facebook, but for those who don’t “do” Facebook, here is the message posted by Erin.

Dear Friends:

I’d like to share an update on behalf of Rachel, John and Oscar. Words cannot express how amazing it has been to witness your support for Rachel, John, Oscar and our entire family. As of last week Rachel and John made the decision to discontinue chemotherapy and enter hospice care. Along with this, they made the decision to work toward a quick move to Oregon.

All of the Macys, as well as John’s mom, Elizabeth, had previous plans to gather together mid-June at the Jersey shore. But we will now be coming alongside to pack their Philadelphia home, load up a truck and send it on to Oregon. We are still planning to make space to be together at the shore as well before we all head back West.

In light of the changes and Rachel’s current state, a quick move is necessary while she is still able to travel. You have all been so generous, for which we are incredibly grateful. With that said, we are humbly asking if you would like to contribute specifically to costs associated with moving, which include the moving truck (around $4,000) as well as airline tickets (~$2,000). We are raising the goal to $32,000 anticipating both moving and additional costs ahead.

Again, thank you doesn’t suffice. We are overwhelmed by your care for Rachel, John, Oscar and the whole family.

With gratitude, on behalf of Rachel and John’s family members,

Erin Macy

This doesn’t tell the whole story but gives you a sense for what’s ahead for our family in the upcoming days. Since I won’t have the time or the oomph to respond thoroughly to e-mail notes of encouragement, I’ll no doubt resort to using this blog to share updates. Those of us here in Oregon are doing as much of the pre-move legwork as we can so John can give all of his energies to taking care of Rachel and Oscar and saying difficult goodbyes to their community of friends. So many have been giving and giving of their time and energies to help in all kinds of ways. (APPLAUSE!) Their kindness can never be repaid, but we hope they know we carry it around in our hearts. If that sounds sappy, well I’m sorry. It’s just true.

We will all appreciate your prayers for strength, endurance, peace, and clear thinking as we head east. John, Erin, Sage, and Brynn arrive first (next Monday), followed several days later by the rest of us. I’ll keep adding my light-hearted nonsense here too so I don’t fall apart.

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3 Responses to rachel update

  1. Thank you for the update, Sherry and Erin. You know our prayers are with you all.
    Leane & Bart and our families

  2. Carolyn Staples says:

    Praying for the whole Macy family. We included you in our prayer time in the Children of Light SS class last Sunday and will continue to do so

  3. Nancy Mylander says:

    Praying for all of you….thank you for sharing.

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