we saw bailey graduate

I suppose I should unpack my suitcase and get the laundry started. But sometimes I do what I want to do before what I should do. Not you, though. I’m sure.

We traveled down to Phoenix to take part in as many graduation events as we could, inveterate party animals that we are.

2015-05-15 19.47.20

Taylor and Beth came over from Goodyear (an hour away) to welcome us to Arizona. T is showing off his speedy recovery from ACL patellar graft surgery.

2015-05-15 16.29.17

Open house prep was well underway.

Of all days for Quinn to be immersed in party prep, she and her industrious family cleaned the house top to bottom (not that it is ever actually dirty) for two showings to potential buyers. Mauri and I did our part by vamoosing. By the end of the day they had two offers and are now under contract!


The Anderson family at the open house. Since four families went together to throw the party, the Kellys’ house was packed with people and good food and lots of celebration joy.


I can never resist a photo booth op.


2015-05-17 19.24.46

Sunday is a day for hanging by the pool, or in Tucker’s case, in the pool.

2015-05-18 09.32.36

Dry, he looks a bit bigger. Still only 5 months old and very much a puppy. Don’t even think about leaving your shoes on the floor.

Sunday is also a day for church! Oh, how I love the Andersons’ church—Redemption Gateway! Here’s the sermon we heard—a visiting pastor from the Redemption Church in Tempe.


Monday night was baccalaureate (yes, I’ve finally learned to spell baccalaureate without looking it up). Only parents are invited, but we’ll get to see the video eventually.

Baccalaureate-Mike Paasch

One of the Gilbert Christian High School teachers sent this pic to Quinn and Dusty, so of course I’m going to share it with you—they’re playing/singing “All the Poor and Powerless.” Friends Bailey and Tanner, the guitarists, will both attend Dordt College in the fall and play football for the Defenders.


These guys invited us out to their place for brunch on Tuesday. Well, it was a feast, let me tell you! And so much fun to see them living the real life, the good life.


Can you believe this kitchen?


And this is their entry! That’s Mauri sitting on the only piece of “furniture” in that huge hall, known at least for now as the throne room.

2015-05-19 12.02.05

Just talkin’ on the phone. On the throne. Ahem.


It’s a Crown Royal throne, and to be honest, I have no idea what that means. I’ve heard of Royal Crown Cola. . .

Taylor’s been eyeing this throne in his friend Jason’s showroom. When Jason cleared his showroom to move to Tahoe, ownership of the throne transferred to T. I do believe, though, that his placement of the throne is a temporary arrangement.


We toured the perimeter of their home to see in-progress improvements, such as the gravel beds and new plantings.


All that curbing around the house is new, and the irrigation system.


And the CrossFit gym Taylor built in their RV garage.


Beth gets up early every morning to work out, modified for her “delicate condition,” before heading to work. She’s a radiologic technologist.



Breathe later.

Around the table before graduation, Quinn invited us adults to share what we remember about our high school graduation. Very little, it turns out. Maybe in thirty years Bailey can refer to this blogpost as a memory jog.


And finally it was time to get ready for the big event.


The mom was holding it together pretty well, but on the inside she grieves a little bit with every “last” associated with this transitional time. We spend 18 years raising a child to be independent, and then when that plays out in successful reality, we’re the ones who aren’t ready. Of course they aren’t truly independent until they are making their own way in the world. So take heart, Quinn, he’ll still come home and he’ll still let you make him a sandwich.

2015-05-23 09.04.59


The big moment!


Followed by kudos.


And a camera full of hug pictures. (I’ll spare you.)


Jordan graduated too. They have matching stoles and honor cords. I could list the significance but that might be considered bragging, and I shy away from that.


I dared to note that we’d be doing this again in two years with Marissa.


Here we are, the whole famdamily! Dusty’s parents, Neil and Randee, on the left. It was all over but the shouting.


But wait! There was a little more shouting to do before we headed back to Oregon. Randee and I thought Cassidy’s last day of elementary school deserved attention too. Guh and I represented the clan while Quinn went with Dusty for a medical test. The day began with the awards assembly, where Cassidy was unexpectedly given a Spanish-use award relating to her many trips to Juarez, Mexico.


Spanish teacher Mrs. Briggs, along with a growing number of teachers, administration, and students, have taken part in the house-building missions like the ones Mauri and I join at Thanksgiving. Once you go, it’s hard to not go back!

2015-05-21 09.07.01

Out on the field the whole school cheers for the symbolic release of the 5th graders to middle school.


Both Bailey and Marissa participated in a “crossing the bridge” ceremony at their school in Colorado when moving up to middle school, so they recreated a similar event for Cass. I kind of love this action photo snapped by Randee while I videoed the event for the parents.

And this concludes the reporting of yet another memorable time with one branch of our family. You might already guess there will be more to come as the summer progresses.

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  1. Ridgely says:

    Yay, I didn’t have to wait long for the pics! Congrats to all…what a fabulous family. Where are they moving to:

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