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love to be love

I’m happy to report that Mauri has felt up to being back in the studio. I guess he had “that song” in his head and needed to record a demo. Here, have a listen:

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#tbt for rachel (et al)

Dear Rachel, Since it’s Throwback Thursday, I thought I’d post some archival Macy family pictures to cheer and entertain you. Here’s a good place to start. It’s a picture I took of your family when I visited from Michigan in … Continue reading

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i only have two stories. . .this one from a recent retreat

You are used to reading my posts. So for this one I’ll ask you to adjust your frame of reference to a man named Mauri. It was Friday night…we’d been arriving thru the late afternoon and evening – no supper, … Continue reading

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go duke

Today being Ben’s birthday and the start of March Madness motivates me to post a couple of pictures of my son back in the days we lived in Durham, North Carolina, and Paul worked for Duke University—thus beginning our family’s … Continue reading

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mama’s helper revisited

We’ve had an interesting week here at the Macy house, Mauri’s recovery from back surgery the featured event. Getting sick myself wasn’t exactly part of the plan, but all things considered we’re faring well enough. So while Mauri is distracted … Continue reading

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happy news

And now, it’s time for some very happy news. Makes me want to skip rope!

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We were just sitting (well, I was sitting, Mauri was lying) in Room 947, his home away from home, when the nurse came in and announced we could go home! All of the necessary criteria had been accomplished, and we … Continue reading

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number six

While we waited three hours in pre-op this morning, Mauri would wake from his “drug-induced stupor” to chat with me about this and that. One of our conversations was to compare notes about the surgeries that dot our histories. At … Continue reading

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birthday marathon

Our three Macy “kids” managed to birth their four children in the month of February or two days past. Not all in the same year, of course, but it resulted in an annual birthday marathon. As of today we have … Continue reading

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