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a “grand” time in arizona

My week in Arizona is coming to a close. My suitcase is packed and the custody of my grandchildren and their months-old puppy has been returned to their parents. Thankfully, I built in a few extra days for a little … Continue reading

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pdx carpet

Before long this photo op will no longer be possible. ’Cause things, they are a’changin’! I embarrassed myself only a little to get this transition (and odd-angled) shot. Soon our PDX travel photos will all look like this. It’s a … Continue reading

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“new” wheels

People switch cars all the time. It certainly isn’t newsworthy. So I’ll just add this little spot so I can remember when it happened. A week ago my friend Jo stopped at my office door to chat a minute and … Continue reading

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I polished each piece of silver with the final care I will show before passing the 12-setting service on to the newlywed Carlsons. It’s one of the few items of tangible Carlson heritage I have left after many years of … Continue reading

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ahead of her time

One of the many ways we remember Aunt Esther, my dad’s older sister, was her habit of taking selfies. Here’s one she took in 1971, when she was 69 years old (my age!) No telling how many years before this … Continue reading

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the last dance

I’m sure there will be other dances; I’m just being dramatic. But this is the last daddy-daughter dance for Dusty and his elementary-school-aged daughter, Cassidy. Blink. Blink. She went from this to this in the blink of an eye. This … Continue reading

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