christmas snippets

If you’re like us, you’re glad to see Christmas come and then you’re glad to see Christmas go. I’ve learned to simplify preparations (think Amazon Prime, reusable cloth Christmas wrapping bags, one-page Christmas letter, wood Christmas tree).


It takes thirty seconds to put together, 4 minutes to string the lights, and 6 minutes to hang the ornaments. Ten and a half minutes.

2014-12-07 20.57.05

Don’t judge; we love our tree!

2014-12-11 07.24.05

We love this one too. Oscar made it for us last year.

2014-12-25 14.05.35

What’s not to love about this one?

2014-12-24 18.24.56

We attended the NFC Christmas Eve service from a vantage very different from the past 33 years (for Mauri, 20 for me). There’s nothing quite like watching the room fill with candlelight as we sing “Silent Night” from the platform.

2014-12-24 19.12.07

It was nostalgic for the man sitting next to me, who has been part of an attempt to burn down this and other churches in this way since 1976.

2014-12-24 20.35.22

Then on to Shari’s to fulfill the Macy tradition, only much earlier this year.

2014-12-25 08.32.24

A special gift from sister Margi. Hot chocolate made at home (when Mauri steams the milk)—what could be better?

2014-12-25 11.38.55

Love how electronics let us be part of other Christmas celebrations! Taylor and Beth with her Virginia family.


How well they’ve woven him into their family!

T as moose - 2014

He willingly takes part in their family initiations, and I can see why they love him.


He is “OT” to these sweet girls.

snow for C'mas in AZ

Ben shared this glimpse of Christmas Eve snow in Arizona on Facebook. Turns out, friends of Quinn and Dusty wanted to give their kids this unique experience and invited the Andersons (and a bunch of others) to join in the fun. Ben refrained from sharing the fact that he lives in Michigan.


Facebook also let me watch the progress of the annual putting together of the requisite puzzle.

2014-12-24 13.56.58_Snapseed

Dusty kindly included me in this moment via text before their Christmas Eve service.

2014-12-25 13.40.39

Rachel sent this picture of OK playing Suspend.

2014-12-25 15.38.03

We spent our Christmas afternoon with these guys at Erin’s parents’ home.

2014-12-25 15.55.05_Snapseed

She got her wish for a violin for Christmas. A demonstration for the grandparents.

2014-12-26 08.17.02

Since I get two days off work for Christmas, we had the luxury this morningof a traditional breakfast of fresh-squeezed OJ and coffee cake. While we ate, the smell of turkey was already filling the room.

2014-12-26 14.24.35

This is all we have to show for the turkey-with-all-the-fixings meal we gobbled (haha) all by ourselves. Want to make a wish? In the crockpot, a savory turkey stock simmers.

2014-12-26 09.23.34_Snapseed

Christmas has come and gone. We’ve celebrated the birth of Jesus in ways we can—recognizing God’s gift to this world, honoring him with love for our family.

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