grandma’s cookies

I didn’t turn out to be the cool grandma I envisioned. (Well, there was that one time Cassidy picked some gravensteins from our backyard tree and asked if we could bake a pie with them. That was a grandmotherly thing to do, I suppose.) So when I learned I’d be in Arizona on one of Cassidy’s school’s Grandma’s Cookies days (did you notice that row of possessives?), I signed up! My job was to bake five dozen cookies and show up at her school at the predetermined time along with all the other grandmas who baked.

2014-11-25 13.55.32_Snapseed

We were to spread out the appropriate number of napkins on the tables then space out our offerings to give the kids a good selection. My cookies were not exceptional in any way except they were pink. I was surprised to see kids choosing a pink cookie over some that were carefully decorated for the holidays. I happened to snap this picture as two of the last three pink cookies were chosen. Note to self: Don’t waste your time rolling, shaping, decorating cookies; just add food coloring for the win!

2014-11-25 14.00.41

Once each student (K through 5) has chosen and carried a home-baked cookie into the assembly, a prayer is offered and kids are released to eat and enjoy.


The providing grandmothers are given seats of honor at one end of the gym. I chose a suitable spot in the back row. As the kids nibbled on their goodies, the grandmas’ grandkids stood while all of us grandmas were recognized and thanked for our contribution.


2014-11-25 14.01.15_Snapseed

I’m sure there were lots of other beautiful children in the gym that day, but I had my eye on one in particular. When her name was called, she went to the front to accept the “Leader in Literature” award and to be recognized for moving to a higher level in scripture memorization.


I notice she’s slacking in art, history, and reading.

2014-12-01 16.55.02

I had to include this picture because it looks like the mama is an apparition, a phantom homework cheerleader — “You can do it!” Cass’s grades make me think she is self-motivated. But we all need cheerleaders now and then, don’t we?

2014-12-01 17.30.14

But Quinn was just doing double duty as homework supervisor and family cook.

– – – –

Bonus pic just because it’s so cute.

2014-12-01 17.28.54

I love how our blended family comes together in Arizona. Erin and Sage came to Grandma’s Cookies too (but this is Brynn in the picture)!

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  1. Donna says:

    Love those times with the Grandchildren!

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