double or nothing

We wondered if Mauri’s need for back surgery might mean we’d have to miss out on what has become a Thanksgiving tradition—building a house for a family in Mexico. We hoped he could get by with the simpler stenosis surgery, but the doctor’s verdict landed on the more complicated surgery, the kind with hardware. So he will wait until after he has fulfilled several commitments through the end of February.

Now that we know we get to go back to Juarez, the planning wheels have begun spinning. Oh, how I love to plan! (Mauri would warn you to stand back.) This will be our fifth trip, and each one stands out for its unique qualities. My highlight from last year’s trip was handling the mountains of diapers and formula that folks had donated through a huge MOPS fundraiser, a parking-lot sale, birthday party “in-lieu-of” gifts, a Muslim woman Q met through Craig’s List, financial gifts—to name only a few. Here—let me show you.

2013-11-26 17.01.43

Loading the trailer to get the donations down to Juarez takes all hands on deck.


Once there, all of the Babies of Juarez donations are “posed” for the picture to be shared with the donors. Then it all gets moved to the storage room.


This is my best highlight—the camaraderie of fitting everything on the shelves. Quinn’s face should give you the idea.


It takes many hands to get the job done. But isn’t that a beautiful sight?


Oh the joy of knowing babies will thrive because of this effort! It’s true, my friends.

Quinn has a big heart for helping to feed and diaper the babies of Juarez. She’s rather shy about it, doesn’t toot her own horn, but her efforts and influence have brought about significant decrease in the mortality rate in the seven years since she learned about the need—and acted on it.


This shows how much the mamas appreciate the help offered through Babies of Juarez.

You probably think I got sidetracked. Nah. I was just leading into the offer you can’t refuse. I’m hoping you can’t refuse.

You see, in Quinn’s letter to us about the Thanksgiving build, she wrote: “My daughters and I just returned from an especially wonderful trip to Juarez, so we’re all the more excited about this November trip. We took a supply of diapers and formula, but not enough to hold them through the winter. If you have any connections for supplies, such as hospitals or pediatrician offices, etc. please ask them for supplies. (They’ll usually give you their expired or expiring soon samples, which is a huge help.) We want to look after the babies well!”

Carrying big boxes of diapers and heavy cartons of formula on the airplane doesn’t make sense. But we can buy supplies with financial gifts once we’re down in El Paso.

Here’s our idea: a donor has offered to match our gifts up to a thousand dollars! I’m not sure if she’ll double your dollars or you’ll double hers—either way the babies get twice as many supplies. To make this “deal” even sweeter, Babies of Juarez promises that every single tax-deductible dollar donated is spent on diapers and formula; not a single cent goes toward administrative costs. Just think what Dorothy’s dollar added to your dollar will buy!

You want to help—I know it! Here’s what you do: Just click on this link and follow the simple instructions. However, to make it known this is a matching gift, indicate “Dorothy’s match” on the check. (If you follow the “Just Give” link, please know that Babies of Juarez is included under “The Shepherds Way” 501(c) (3) private non-operating foundation.)

Who’s gonna help us refill those shelves?

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