while i retreated


It was a working retreat, if you can call sitting in a beautiful beachview home with some likable people talking about important matters work.


The sun neglected its responsibilities the one afternoon I had freedom to walk the beach and take pictures, but I could hardly complain about it. There’s no such thing as a bad day at the beach. Everybody knows this.


If you open your eyes really wide you’ll see the house provided for our use by a couple from our church.


The Fawvers take good care of our nourishment needs—always with flavor and flair.


Thanks, Gary and Susan!


Here we are—Gregg, Michelle, Nolan, Denise, Elizabeth, Eric, yours truly, Cindy, Steve. Here are our roles at NFC. (I work with Denise for Elizabeth.)

The whole time I was retreating, Quinn and her October team were building a house in Mexico.

October 2014 team

Notice anything different about this team from the others you’ve seen on this site?


Here they are with the freshly built and painted home. I can hardly stop grinning—my daughter and her daughters and their friends built a house (yes, with a lot of help, but still!) Quinn texted me when she got back to Gilbert: “An awesome trip, one end to the other.”

Now it’s our turn—November is just one page over.

And while Quinn and her team were building a house in Mexico . . .


Mr. and Mrs. Carlson were vacationing in Italy! On Sunday they visited the Vatican in Rome and were blessed by the pope! They’re nearly finished with their contracts in Iraq and will be returning to U.S. soil next month, just one page over.


Facebook has its down side, that’s for sure, but the good side allows me to be part of my kids’ adventures across the miles while I put my feet up at the beach.

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