colin saxton meet colin saxton

How many Colin Saxtons do you know? I know several Dave Browns and three John Macys, but would you believe I know two Colin Saxtons? The first one sold me term life insurance back in my Michigan life as a Carlson, and when I moved to Oregon I discovered another Colin Saxton in my circle of Quaker friends. Some time along I mentioned to each one that I knew another with his name. And that was that.

Then along came Facebook, and before long I had two Colin Saxtons to keep straight in my list of social media friends. A couple of years ago we bid farewell to the Oregon Colin Saxton, who moved to Indiana. So now my two Colin Saxton friends live in adjoining states, leaving me the odd man out. Just think how that makes me feel!

Today I received a private message on Facebook from Colin Saxton—but which one? The Michigan Colin Saxton or the Indiana Colin Saxton? It was the Michigan Colin Saxton writing to tell me that he had met the Indiana Colin Saxton! What are the odds? Then a little snooping around revealed this:

Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 7.52.04 PM

Oregon —> Indiana Colin Saxton’s daughter Amy posted this retro picture on the left on her Facebook page, and look who commented with a retro picture of himself with his daughter (and beard)—Michigan Colin Saxton!


Meet Colin and Leann Saxton, from Michigan!


Meet Colin and Janine Saxton, from Indiana! Small world, huh?

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