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I left you in suspenders after showing dear Will in a body cast. Meanwhile, while you were still hanging in suspense, dear Bailey got a stress fracture and some torn ligaments playing football. His friend and team co-captain, Tanner, joined … Continue reading

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colin saxton meet colin saxton

How many Colin Saxtons do you know? I know several Dave Browns and three John Macys, but would you believe I know two Colin Saxtons? The first one sold me term life insurance back in my Michigan life as a … Continue reading

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We enjoyed a weekend of looking after two little grandgirls. We’ve now transferred care to their other grandparents, having accomplished the main goal of keeping them alive while their parents enjoy some time away. This one was rarely seen without … Continue reading

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two at a time

Quinn and I met at the Grand Rapids, Michigan, airport last Thursday for a two-part adventure. The first part involved our Ben, who for the entire summer made his home on his boat. You could call him homeless, but that might make … Continue reading

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around the bend

We thought a weekend in Bend sounded appealing, and now that we have weekends free we asked Linsey’s parents if we might use their beautiful townhouse for a few days. So I took a couple of days off work and off we … Continue reading

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