there were people there

“Will there be people there?”

It might surprise you that Mauri and I are both introverts. Whenever we consider whether or not to attend a social event, these are the first words out of his mouth. We both love people, but in small doses. . .and with breaks in between.


We didn’t consider the St. Paul Rodeo, an annual event one town over, a social event. But as we waited in a long (long) traffic line well outside the small town (fewer that 400 residents), we spoke out another often-asked question: “Are we going to see anyone we know?”


We certainly had enough opportunity! It felt almost like a stampede on a hunt for food.



In the stands, to the right…


…to the left. And not a single familiar face. Until…


Jackie and Naivit came and sat down right in front of us!


We saw some of this too. It was very entertaining! The animals won in nearly every respect, though the humans took the prizes. We marveled at some exceptional horse riding and cow roping. We chuckled when the commenter asked: “Can you bully a bull?”


This isn’t something you see every day. Bobby Kerr and his remarkable mustang.

Even though we headed for our car during the fireworks show, we still found ourselves in gridlock. But Mauri, who’s been riding the back roads around St. Paul for many years, got us home in record time.

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1 Response to there were people there

  1. cdswede says:

    Sounds like a fun way to celebrate the 4th …. and so glad to see your posting today, Sherry. I
    thought you were planning to taking a break, but glad to see otherwise. As Paul’s cousin, I follow your blog with delight, using it as a way to keep the Carlson side of your family in my thoughts.
    (Interested to know if Taylor and his wife are back in the US?) Keep up with the blogging as you are able … but do enjoy retirement! Love, Cheryl

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