july two—finder

I often say “I don’t get out much.” I live a block from work, and a drive to the other side of our small town is an outing for me. But here I am on day two of a project that requires me to take numerous photos of interest on my new camera. Then, just like that, interest of  limited proportion appeared right outside my window.


Today’s exercise was using the finder. Did I mention my new camera has a finder? With a tiny toggle to focus for my vision, like binoculars. But this shot looks like my vision in the finder is slightly off kilter.


A 180-degree swivel away, Eric tries to ignore me.


90 degrees left. Well, so far I’m not especially high on using the finder. Maybe someone could tell me its advantage over the LCD. Besides, my nose print on the screen was hard to clean off.


We walked past this overgrown wildflower garden on our way to a downtown restaurant.



I love the late afternoon sun.


Is a deserted watermark the least bit interesting?

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  1. Walt says:

    I am in love with your camera! Are these straight out of? Did you do any post processing?

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