philly family

Our return to the North was a straight shot with a sleepover in Richmond, VA, though we took an intentional longcut to see a little of the Amish country around Lancaster before heading in to Philadelphia. Along the way we managed to fit in one more “absolute”—breakfast at Waffle House, ubiquitous on this side of the country, nonexistent where we live.

We had only a few days with our dear “kids”—Rachel, John, and Oscar—but it was enough to capture the rhythm of their normal lives. Rachel is finishing out the school year teaching 4th grade, and most days she tags off with John as he heads to serve tables until nearly midnight. Oscar thrives within their busy schedule, building Bionicles and Legos and telling stories with his Star Wars characters.


He also does chores. . .

2014-06-12 08.57.49_Snapseed

. . .and creates at his art center.

2014-06-12 10.57.27

We walked to the park . . .

2014-06-12 11.22.18

. . .and stopped for coffee.

2014-06-12 17.52.47

Gum and OK helped Rachel make the dinner pizza.


We put our feet up during this afternoon’s opening when Oscar was at preschool and John and Rachel worked.

2014-06-13 18.59.13

But then this evening we drove into the city to visit this gallery where John’s art is displayed in a show called “Before, Again.”

2014-06-13 18.48.06


Can you tell I’m stretching out this story? It’s just too hard to choose pictures?

2014-06-13 18.47.38

Here’s one of the two paintings John showed.


Back at home I got to show Oscar some of the pictures I have stored in my computer . . . of him, of course.

Tomorrow we’ll be jetting home after our final stop at the Ambrose home to pick up some belongings we stored with them and say one last farewell. We’ll have things to talk about! Iraq is in serious conflict, and we’re waiting in the wings to learn if our newlyweds will actually return to finish out their contract as planned.

If you’ve been following our odyssey, thank you! It’s been memorable every step of the way, but it will feel good to get back to our real life.

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  1. David Sherwood says:

    So, in Lancaster County, did you get to Intercourse?

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