jacksonville, florida

Our final zag led us to familiar territory and familiar faces. I had just seen my brother, John (Johnny to me), at the wedding only a week earlier, but it was still wonderful to see him again. It was the first time for us to see his most recent home on the St. John’s River.

2014-06-08 07.51.03

2014-06-08 10.52.02

2014-06-09 17.12.12

2014-06-08 07.52.10

2014-06-08 07.53.50

And Mauri and I think we have a big house for two people. I’ve mentioned this Steinway piano in a previous post but will make special note of it again. It was my mother’s piano back in our youth when Mauri would come over to rehearse together, sharing the bench.

2014-06-09 09.10.12

We settled into the comforts of Johnny’s beautiful home and might have happily stayed here the whole visit. . .

2014-06-07 20.04.38

. . . were it not for wanting to see the rest of our Jacksonville family. We spent quite a bit of time around tables in restaurants with these fine folks, Kevin and Cheryl. Kevin is my brother’s son.

2014-06-07 17.58.32

Kevin has a mother too, Suzie, who lives nearby. We are always thankful for the peaceful relationship she and Johnny maintain, making all of us at ease when we come for a visit.

2014-06-09 07.34.09

When we visit Jacksonville, there are two absolutes.

2014-06-09 07.34.44

Sweet tea being one.

2014-06-08 19.11.48

The other—a drive to St. Augustine for the infamous Shrimp Buster at Barnacle Bill’s. (Some day I’ll do a series of similar photos taken over the course of the past 30 years.)


One of Kevin and Cheryl’s three daughters hadn’t arrived yet, but we let a passing customer take this picture anyway.


We know what we’re in for!


Good times! Our zigging and zagging complete, we now face the long, straighter drive back north.

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