outer banks

Our newest daughter’s parents, Tim and Trish Ambrose, offered us the use of their vacation home, which we gladly accepted! So we zagged from Virginia down to Oriental, North Carolina, on the Outer Banks.

2014-06-04 13.45.43

2014-06-05 12.36.46

We spent quite a bit of time looking out at this:

2014-06-04 13.01.45

2014-06-04 13.36.31_Snapseed

It was the right time of year to enjoy their gardenia bush. Can you smell it?

2014-06-04 13.02.30

2014-06-04 13.03.01

And only a few minutes from their lovely home,

2014-06-05 15.16.41

we were scrounging around this antique shop.

2014-06-03 19.18.55

2014-06-05 18.32.51

2014-06-05 17.05.23

2014-06-05 19.39.26

We indulged ourselves at some local restaurants, saw some sights, watched a remarkable thunderstorm, and left refreshed and ready for our next stop—a zig into central South Carolina.

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2 Responses to outer banks

  1. Ridgely says:

    Spent many a summer at Nags Head with my family, love that place. Ohhhhh, gardenias, my all time favorite…can’t grow them here tho’, not humid enough and too cold…drat.

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