still in celebration mode

Believe it or not, there was an after-party party following the reception. And we slept through it. It’s an advantage of being old. But then we were wide awake and ready to party again at the post-wedding brunch on Sunday morning, hosted by the bride’s parents in their home. I can’t not include a post of pictures from this final family gathering, a bittersweet time of remembering and farewelling. Oh, yes, and . . . bouncing!

2014-06-01 10.58.45


2014-06-01 10.58.57

2014-06-01 11.03.13

2014-06-01 11.09.41

2014-06-01 11.22.25

Sleepy girl.

2014-06-01 10.59.19

2014-06-01 11.02.47

2014-06-01 11.00.12

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 9.43.24 PM






Love these pics from Rachel!

2014-06-01 11.01.06

Shannon and her fiancé, Will. The Ambroses have one more wedding, next April.

2014-06-01 12.29.56

2014-06-01 12.47.07

They’ll see each other in a couple of days. When the dust settles, the bride and groom will fly to Arizona to spend a whole month in their home in Goodyear before returning to Iraq to finish out their contract.

2014-06-01 12.45.52

2014-06-01 13.53.07

The party moved inside for a bit of gift opening.

2014-06-01 12.01.26

If you want to see the book I made for Taylor and Beth by matching up their childhood pictures: Taylor and Beth – Parallels

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  1. Ridgely says:

    Have so enjoyed this celebration vicariously…LOVE the book, great job!

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