throwback thursday

Throwback Thursday gives me an excuse to post pictures from my vast archives. It isn’t a new trend among social media users, but it’s relatively new to me. I’ve had some fun each of the past four Thursdays watching my Facebook friends “like” the picture I post or make comments about it. So I’m going to extend my fun to this blog. Why not?


I started with this gem. Its caption: We’re makin’ Chef Boyardee pizza. I let Taylor Carlson sacrifice his fingers on the cheese grater. #throwbackthursday #motheroftheyearaward This last two “words” are hashtags, another social media phenom. I use them for fun, not their intended purpose.


The day we got our engagement tats. #tbt #circa1994 #theyrestillthere


This little cutie grew up to be my kids’ dad. He would have turned 73 today. #tbt #samesmile #stillhavetheflag Ninety-four friends clicked “like” on this one.


. . .his maternity photoshoot #tbt #noduedate This was today’s Throwback Thursday photo. It’s hard to limit myself to only one a week. I have so many!

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