where’d they all go?

Just hours ago there were 13 people around our table. The room was alive with stories of the previous days’ adventures. Cassidy spent two-plus days in the company of her beloved aunt Erin, who—aided by John and Sage and Brynn and Linsey and Pete and Will—found many wonderful ways to show her a great time.


This was only one day. (photo stolen from Erin’s Facebook)

Meanwhile, Bailey and his friend Tanner took part in George Fox University’s Bruin Preview. Quinn and Tanner’s mom, Julie, were invited to most of the same events, hoping to get a feel for the area and the school in case their sons wanted to consider Fox for their college. It was quite clear to them that it “was not a good fit.” But they had a good time anyway.

Everyone’s adventures ended at our place, making it possible to enjoy brunch around the table together (all but Linsey, who had work appointments all day). A house full of joyful hubbub! And then they all left. But I still have my pictures to ease the transition.




2014-04-12 11.40.30


She said, “You make me look so tan!” (She doesn’t know she’s tan.)






2014-04-12 12.16.18



Did I mention Oregon came through with absolutely gorgeous weather for their entire visit?

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1 Response to where’d they all go?

  1. Ridgely says:

    Do these children know how blessed they are to be part of such a great family…I’m changing my name to Macy! 🙂

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