have a seat

We’re just like the rest of you. We all gravitate to one particular chair when we settle in for an evening at home. For years now Mauri’s go-to chair was one of those IKEA birch armchairs with matching ottoman. Looks like this:


My landing place was a red loveseat within arm’s reach of him.

And we could have lived happily ever after in our comfy spots. Except the loveseat took up a lot of room in our small space in front of the TV and Mauri’s chair was looking a little, well…used.

So we went chair shopping at Macy’s and bought matchy matchy chairs that recline! Oh dear. But we’d have to wait two months for the ones we wanted.

About halfway through the wait, the loveseat went to its new (and happier) home.

Red Loveseat Everlys

And about halfway through the wait I got this picture from Mauri:


and this note:

…it said something like, “Enough’s enough,” and…decided no longer to be supportive. There were a couple of last gasps as it slowly sank to where you see it…’took a little thinking/doing to crawl out of the rubble. I’ll disassemble, and take it to it’s final resting place….

Just gave up the ghost.

Timing is everything, right?


A whole blogpost about our new chairs. Must be a slow news week. But I like its happy ending.

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