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memory box

I didn’t think there were that many topics “out there.” Like who’da thought I’d read a post about reusable TP while writing one of my own about salvaging fabric scraps? Well, it happened again. On my blog feed I read … Continue reading

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infinity scarf tutorial

This post has a surprise ending, a surprise even to me! As usual, I’ll just tell the story with pictures. I found this charcoal T-shirt at the thrift store two blocks from home. All clothes were half price, except for … Continue reading

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a day at the coast

It was a lovely sunny day here in the valley and out at the coast. I should feel guilty taking so much pleasure in our Oregon weather, considering the snow in Michigan and Philadelphia can be measured in feet. But … Continue reading

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designed clutter

Mauri went off to rehearsal one night and came home to notice I had culled our collection of smiling pigs for a better view of the sign: Simplify. Poetic, thought he. It’s kind of a theme around 514—for me anyway. … Continue reading

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apart together

This website has been out of sorts of late, a legitimate excuse for me to spend my free time working on home projects instead of pestering you with blather about my life. But now the site’s humming along again, and … Continue reading

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it’s january again

How many fortune cookie fortunes do you open that actually come true? Mauri’s did! And that means the photos of the “Rocks” start coming. This one from a camera app on his phone. But look what he sent tonight! (no … Continue reading

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