the lee family adventure

2013-09-02 14.58.59

We have some remarkable friends who are on a remarkable adventure. I posted this picture when we went to say farewell on Labor Day, which means they’ve been on the road water 15 weeks. Bethany has worked with Mauri as worship ministries administrator for quite a few years, so he misses her help in planning and recruiting and participating. Mostly we just miss her. The reasons for this are numerous and will be evident if you take the time to read her beautifully sculptured blog posts. Reading them makes you part of the adventure.

I’d give you the link to their story but I’m not quite ready for you to join them at this point in their journey. Why? Because they’ve just completed an extraordinary feat, though not one they would have chosen or planned. About a week ago their dinghy “went missing.” To understand the severity of this loss you need to know they built this dinghy as a family over a nine-month stretch and built it in two connectable parts, painted it green, and named it “Splitpea.” Obviously, they couldn’t get along without a dinghy, so within the grief of their terrific loss they had to conjure a solution.

I’ll stop trying to tell the story and let Bethany carry on from here.

Losing Splitpea and Moving On

Day One

Day Two

Day Three

Day Four

Day Five

Day Six

See what I mean?

It might be hard to start at the beginning, so maybe just this one post will give you a good idea of their adventure and encourage you to subscribe to the remaining posts to see what’s ahead.

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