It’s been an interesting week for Mauri. He’s a man who prefers the background, but his chosen work puts him in the foreground quite a bit. So in his quiet way he told each of his groups—elders, pastoral team, NFC Bells, NFC Brass, worship ensemble, folk ensemble, UMG (Unnamed Music Group), Nolan Plus, family, trusted friends, and finally the congregation via the weekly electronic newsletter—this:

Mauri's NFC "notice" copy

We prefer to think of this as a change, not retirement. After 33 years on the pastoral team of Newberg Friends Church, the church and he are ready for a change. Mauri is a musician with a lot of music left in him, and after a well-earned breather come June 2014, he is eager to see what next step God presents. It might be concentrated time in his recording studio, putting down some of his “simple changes” hymn arrangements and finding good ways to share them.

And then, of course, the garage could use some attention.

PS: It should be noted that Mauri was not asked to resign. Folks have expressed sadness at the decision but fully understand and accept it.

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10 Responses to announcement

  1. LizW says:

    I am so excited … And sad. I’m gonna miss that crazy guy!!

  2. Cristie says:

    I will do my best to break it gently to Elijah. He gets so excited every time he sees Mauri or his recumbent! We’ll just have to wave at you more this coming summmer in your yard as we walk by… 🙂

  3. . Joan Schultz 2nd St. Church says:

    Gosh Mauri, you are someone I would love to meet!

  4. hb says:

    Every time I bring our mom’s and dads (J and mine), the thing they love the most is the worship here (speaking of all of Newberg here). My mom cries, J’s mom stops and listens. Mauri and Sherry, thank you for your ministry, your perspective, talent and style have changed worship for me thankfully, from singing tired old overly peppy refrains with little substance to thoughtfully assembled space in the week of listening, singing, absorbing and resting. I feel like Mauri has revived a spiritual space in his most unique, quiet, playful and comprehensive way with everything from brass to bells and the variety of folks he pulls in. Thanks to God. And yes, moving here and seeing the worship pastor toodling around town getting teriyaki on his recumbent was one of many little signs that “you’re gonna like it here,”

  5. Penny says:

    I too have been greatly touched by Mauri’s music ministry ever since I first was becoming involved in the Northwest Yearly Meeting and I heard him lead worship at Yearly Meeting. The past soon to be ten years I have found it a privlege to enjoy that worship here at Newberg Friends I count myself most blessed. Since I too am planning changes in the year ahead I know that there comes a time and I look forward to what and where the Lord leads us all. I know music runs through the veins as does the love of the Lord Jesus Christ: I pray for opportunity to continue following this journey and listening to your music Mauri: Would love to have CDs to play on the east coast where I am relocating later in ’14!

  6. Pam says:

    There is a time for everything…., and this is your time! I know great things are yet to come as God guides you on this next journey. Congrats on what was and on what is yet to be!

  7. John Penrose says:

    Well I don’t think we ever “retire” but seasons do change — will be wonderful to see the next chapter in the Macy “saga” and how God unfolds His plan and what that looks like — always a bit scary but that’s what we are called to — waiting, resting, trusting, listening and . . . was looking at some of the old YFC pictures the other day (great memories) and now fast forward to 2013 — how ’bout we go find the Buda Bus and go back on the road:)
    Blessing and Joy to you both (and the fam) as you write this next life chapter — now you have time to come to Ca. and visit — expecting to see you soon.

  8. Gary Brown says:

    Even since the days when I joined your GFU class of ’68 you have shown your outstanding ability to minister in music. Even more importantly, in the years since you have demonstrated outstanding ability to get others to let their musical gifts out in special ways. As a fellow musician (albeit vocal only) I am deeply appreciative of the variety of ways you have led folks to express their faith and joy in living for Christ. I would not dare go into many ways you’ve been a personal helper and encourager to me. Speaking from my advanced age, you just need to “hang on” for the next thing God will give you to do! He can really surprise us!

  9. Ridgely says:

    Wow! Huge loss for Friends Church, but huge gain for the next beneficiary of whatever God leads him to! Well done good and faithful servant!

  10. Mary Austin says:

    Seems like I recall meeting you for the first time at the Post Falls Friends Church when I attended there years ago and then when I moved to Newberg, there you were 🙂 You have been a great worship music leader, teacher and servant of God. Thank you for all you have contributed the family of God. 🙂

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