i don’t know my son anymore

As you know, son Taylor lives in Iraq and is engaged to marry Beth on May 31, 2014. That doesn’t seem so far off anymore. You might remember they bought this house in August and are already making improvements on it from a distance. Other improvements are happening as well.

Beth is a certified CrossFit trainer and has quite a following there on Sather Air Force Base in Baghdad. Since Taylor is one of those willing recruits to the program, Beth chose CrossFit as the theme for a birthday party for T in late September.


This is the party scene with the birthday boy appropriately attired. The pout is posed; he actually loves attention. Check out the workout Beth planned for the celebration.


Feel free to fill me in on what they’re doing here. 37 somethings…

photo (14)

Six weeks ago Taylor made a bargain with himself to eat a Paleo diet (at least a modified version of it, since they eat whatever is offered in the mess hall) and continue his CrossFit regimen. No cheats.

T-slimmed 30 lbs

Six weeks and 30 pounds later, he looks like this!

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 1.32.56 PM

Beth posted the pictures on Facebook and received many “likes” and comments. One comment from Taylor’s sister expressed some wonder at how much T looks like his dad.

6 Weeks of Paleo(ish):CrossFit. I say ish because we are in Iraq and can only eat what is served and I can assure you it isn't grassed or cage free;). 30lbs down on less than 6 weeks. I am so proud of Taylor!sc00c691bf11 copy

What do you think?

Beth shared those pictures of T with expressed pride in his accomplishment. She graciously refuses the credit. She and I might be the most aware of level of difficulty the eating part was for T. I include myself in this awareness because I’m the one who for all of his growing-up years dealt with his persnickety eating habits.


How many times did the kid fall asleep before he was excused from the table?


And look, he’s just a few bites away from a clean plate.


You probably think I could have lightened up on finishing his meal. But then I wouldn’t have all of these wonderful pictures to laugh at now.

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4 Responses to i don’t know my son anymore

  1. Cheryle Takacs says:

    Oh how I love this boy, always did!!!

  2. Craig MacDonald says:

    He does look like his dad! And the multiple pics of him asleep across two chairs tells the story.

  3. You really crack me up! You are like your dad when it comes to photos! Amazing and well done! Your ability to get the photos and share them later in Taylor’s life time is a gift. He looks amazing and Beth should be proud of what she has helped him achieve. He also looks more like his father.

  4. Ridgely says:

    You could market your meals for folks with insomnia! 🙂

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