day with deborah

I have this cool friend named Deborah. You’ve seen her here before. We don’t live in the same town, so we have to plan to see each other, which happens only occasionally. We have an unlikely friendship because we aren’t at all alike. She talks to everyone…literally. Her memory is amazing, and she still accepts offers to play major roles in drama productions. She flies to New York City as often as her budget allows, not to visit someone but to see as many Broadway shows as…her budget allows. Name a show or a movie and she will give you a review and name all of the actors and all the related trivia. I can’t tell you what I did yesterday.

No, wait! I can remember what I did yesterday!

2013-10-26 12.19.51

I was on a date with Deborah! We met up at Bridgeport, shopped a few stores, then ordered these incredible salads at Native Foods Cafe.

2013-10-26 12.49.09

Did you hear me say “incredible”?

2013-10-27 18.44.28

Hunger satisfied, we headed to Portland to see this! It was a small theater and a small audience, so we had really good seats. And the show was great!

So to make sure I remember what I did yesterday, I’m posting it here.

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