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it’s all about the costumes

Just to show off a couple of cute grandkids on this halloweenest of nights. These are the ones who showed up at our door. Super Will! Curious George (a.k.a. Brynn) And the man with the yellow hat. They brought their … Continue reading

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day with deborah

I have this cool friend named Deborah. You’ve seen her here before. We don’t live in the same town, so we have to plan to see each other, which happens only occasionally. We have an unlikely friendship because we aren’t … Continue reading

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i surrender

I quit. Throw in the towel. Admit defeat. Acquiesce. Yesterday I opened this magazine, which had just arrived in the mail. I thumbed through the first few pages and stopped on page 8, stunned and appalled. Can you read the … Continue reading

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a sad day a-comin’

Every morning and every evening I climb the carpeted stairs to the second level of our house, take a sharp left into a bedroom that doubles as my gym, and plop myself down on this: I put on the earphones, … Continue reading

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“don’t heat that”

This morning as I peeled my hard-boiled egg for breakfast, Mauri quickly cautioned — “Don’t heat that!” You might wonder why this is newsworthy. Reverse time by a couple of days to our pastoral team retreat, held at a beautiful … Continue reading

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grandma margaret-rose

The other night I was on girlwatch at John and Erin’s house when Sage pointed to a framed photo on the wall and said, “That’s my grandma Margaret-Rose.” It was one of those life-goes-on-but-never-the-same moments, when grief—even 25-year-old grief—surfaces in … Continue reading

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