first day

I love reading Facebook on the first day of school! Many parents carefully pose their carefully cleaned and coiffed children in carefully chosen clothing for the annual first-day-of-school pictures (in one case it was the annual third-day-of-school picture) and share it with their Facebook friends.

You don’t have to visit this blog very often to recognize my joy for the photographic series.


Here’s one of the 19 I keep in a first-day-of-school folder—my three Carlson kids. The series begins with Ben heading for first grade.


Mauri took this picture of me ten years ago today as I headed off to my first day of work at Newberg Friends Church. I’m not sure why they allowed me to take such a monstrous marijuana* plant with me to the office. (*or some such)

So today I celebrate a decade of the perfect (for me) job. As I searched my computer for the first-day-of-work picture, I also found the resume I submitted for this job opening. Here’s a clip:


I wonder what adjectives I would include if I were applying today. It was also interesting (to me) to read my answers to the questions provided for the interview. Let’s just say I was confident. But, hey, they hired me anyway.

As a team we recently shared the stories of what led us to our work in ministry at NFC. Mine included a short conversation with Mauri as I read the job opening in the church publication, a fast interview because I was headed for Colorado in my Jeep to be on hand for the birth of granddaughter Cassidy, learning I’d been hired, a drive back to Oregon with my head full of new-baby thoughts mingled with new-job thoughts, and jumping right in with wholehearted enthusiasm (and the “marijuana”).

Feeling blessed.

– – – – – –

Series bonus:


Here I am holding the aforementioned granddaughter.


Ten years later on the same day, wearing the same sweater.

It’ll take me ten more years to add to this particular series. Good motivation for taking care of myself, huh?

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1 Response to first day

  1. Ridgely says:

    Fun…and I must have those yellow overalls that Quinn is wearing….my color dontcha know!!! xxoo Me

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