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the people are the best part

First a confession: I read People Magazine. I “bought” the subscription with Mauri’s United air miles, so the label has his name on it. Before I recycle each issue, I carefully cut off his name to destroy the evidence. So … Continue reading

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my visit with ben

“How’s Ben?” my brother will ask during one of our occasional coast-to-coast conversations. “I don’t know; as long as I see him on Facebook I assume he’s OK,” is my usual response. If it isn’t near Mothers Day or my … Continue reading

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reunion soiree

I traveled all the way to Illinois for my 50th high school class reunion because that’s what you do. I attended the 25th, so the 50th would come next in succession. Will I attend the 75th? OK, sure, why not? … Continue reading

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Last weekend I walked the streets of my hometown—Wheaton, Illinois—and recognized only what wasn’t there anymore. Even my stately old high school had been demolished this year to build an upscale grocery store. This was particularly ironic, since I was … Continue reading

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first day

I love reading Facebook on the first day of school! Many parents carefully pose their carefully cleaned and coiffed children in carefully chosen clothing for the annual first-day-of-school pictures (in one case it was the annual third-day-of-school picture) and share … Continue reading

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labor? day

There was no laboring for us today. Instead we enjoyed a fun two-part adventure. Part One was inspired by this week’s episode of Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, a.k.a Triple-D. Interesting for us, we had recently ridden by Industrial Cafe on … Continue reading

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