letter from grandpa

I hope you are blessed with a couple of really cool grandpas, the best you could hope for. You no doubt have some good stories to tell about each one. Even if they’re a little on the weird side, we find that endearing, don’t we? (I’m aware not everyone has happy thoughts about their granddads. One of mine was mentally ill by the time I came along, and that is a sadness to me.)

My older sister sent me this letter from our grandfather, written to her for her 17th birthday. I wish you had the time and interest to read his autobiography, typed in similar stream-of-consciousness fashion to this letter. You would see how blessed I am with him as my grandfather. (In case you have the time/interest: My Own Obituary? – William Harvey LeMasters)

Without further adieu:

letter from G'pa LeM to Carol_Snapseed

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