choo choo

1098525_10151776777550250_20809625_n   (photo credit: Rachel Macy)

We’d seen it many times and heard it even more times. So this year we decided to pay a fare and actually ride the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad from Rockaway Beach to Garibaldi and back.

2013-07-29 15.16.38

All settled in with room to spare.

2013-07-29 15.15.26

First up was a slightly different view of Twin Rocks Friends Camp.

2013-07-29 15.15.57

That “bump” behind the camp is Charlotte’s Mountain, named for Mauri’s aunt Charlotte, who served as camp director many years ago and also built the log home where we stay, now called The Lighthouse.

2013-07-29 15.24.31

We could hear Will making the sound of the train whistle all the way down to Garibaldi.

2013-07-29 16.12.32

And Sage literally giggled with delight.

2013-07-29 15.25.51

Her parents thought it was a particularly inviting photo op.

1012722_10151776777155250_1207764545_n  (photo credit: Rachel Macy)

Daddies like to show their sons the engine.

2013-07-29 15.44.08

In Garibaldi we detrained. Oscar spotted the park!

2013-07-29 15.24.52

2013-07-29 16.19.16

The ride home was a little less exciting (been-there-done-that), so we just enjoyed the time together.

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