more than a dollar’s worth of entertainment

2013-07-30 14.41.06

That’s all I paid for this collection of mysterious pieces. One dollar at a fundraiser sale! I pulled it out after dinner during our days at the coast to see what the older grandgirls and I could make of it.

2013-07-28 21.30.59

Before long we’d put together this family of whimsical characters and had captured the interest of some of the adults who recognized the creative potential.

2013-07-28 21.34.10

We got so we wanted to show off each one.

2013-07-30 15.25.28

Four arms? Why not?


Sadly, the time came to tear it all down and go to bed.

2013-07-30 16.21.25

But the next day we had all the makings for a totally new display. Can you see the separate ballroom with the string of lights? And the limousine?

2013-07-29 21.06.29

By the next night we’d become such experts at ello that Marissa, the set designer, put together an appropriate stage for an entire cast of characters, each one named! Even the minions are named.

If you want Cassidy’s personal tour of this castle, just click on the video below.

OK, admit it. You want to come to my house to play.

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