bye bye

After serving 17 years on the Board of Communication for Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends, I’m saying bye bye. I’ve made friends with a lot of Quakers in my longer-than-normal run. Thankfully, they’ll still be my friends (I hope) when I go off the board.

We have met for several sessions two times a year, and I’ve rarely missed. I associate the birth of grandson Oscar with the mid-winter meetings four years ago, where I would watch my phone for updates of progress.

2013-07-23 12.58.00

As timing would have it, that grandson showed up at our house today (with his parents) for a week of family time. We headed almost immediately for the newly appointed Memorial Park.

And this is the week—my final week—to attend afternoon meetings. Today, however, was a different sort of meeting. Our Board met for a book signing/reading with Richard Foster, author of Celebration of Discipline, a book he wrote while pastor of our church 30 or more years ago. It became a best seller.


I don’t have any personal connection to Richard Foster. But his son Nathan, that’s a different story. Nathan, seated next to his dad, also wrote a book titled Wisdom Chaser. I recently read Nathan’s book (on my phone, which made it a little hard for him to sign it). It holds an honest look at what life was like for him in the home of a well-known father. No sugar coating softens the truth of their strained relationship. But the healing they both found while climbing 14,000-foot mountains in Colorado is a beautiful thing. Nathan was a badly broken individual, but he found personal healing as well.

So as Nathan’s dad read from Wisdom Chaser, I listened through informed ears. I feel I really know these writers. Now that I have so much more free time (being board free), maybe I can read more good books.

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