A while back a box showed up in Quinn’s mail. She didn’t recognize the name on the return address.


This is what she found inside the box. And a handwritten note from a stranger named Judi.

Quinn, in this box are some taggies. I had never heard of them until a friend posted pictures of handmade items she made for her many mission trips to Haiti. So I made a bunch for her to take in January, and after reading your mother’s blog all this time I thought your babies might like some too. There is no perfection involved in my sewing, but I am told the kiddos like the bright colors and textures.

Receiving a package from someone unknown is a little strange, but I send these to honor you and all the work you do to make life better for these babies, and to honor my old friend, neighbor, and classmate Margaret-Rose. She also had a profound effect on many lives, mine included.

Sincerely, Judi N…

Well, Judi, it was hard to distinguish which aspect of your offering was felt most deeply. Taggies made with hands of love for the precious babies of Juarez would be hard to beat. But then that note! We’ll have to call it a tie.


On a recent build trip and armed with the whole taggies story, Quinn’s Babies-loving friend Jacque took on the role of distributor.


Looks like they were a hit (at least with this mama).

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1 Response to taggies

  1. Carol Bullis says:

    What a sweet gesture!

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